How To Thrive As a Professional Public Speaker

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Happy Wednesday morning beautiful people. I was just reading a great story on chasing the next shiny object vs. building a long term business and I thought it was very appropriate for speakers. I could have very easily written this same blog post. I’ll share it shortly.

Most speakers I talk to have the same challenge. They have “a speech” or “a story”, but they don’t have a core business model. They have yet to develop their own belief system or central set of rules on which to base everything they do (speeches, products, training, web training, conferences, etc).
When you fail to develop your own system or way of thinking, you can get into the nasty habit of chasing shiny objects. I know because I have been there. If I’m not careful I will see a new marketing product online (i.e. a “tactic”) and lose my mind because I want to buy it and try it. And sometimes I’d go drop money on it because it is popular and all of the cool kids were using it. They made $15,643 in one sixty minute webinar so why can’t I do that, right?

I’ve changed all of that thinking and now everything I do is based on a system that I’ve named and that has a core set of beliefs. I actually have two: “StopDoingNothing” and “Own Your Empire”. Everything I do now is centralized around my own way of doing things. All of it is not 100% unique. But the I’ve arranged it and the path that I teach people is unique. It is the “Patrick Way” of doing things. Nobody can do it *exactly* the Patrick way because Patrick came up with it.

This is NOT a pitch to you to buy anything. This is me looking you in the eye and telling you to DO THE SAME. If you have a single speech then come up with a set of lessons out of that speech that can be converted into other forms of media and be and taught. Once you have that core business model and set of rules, your speaking career will become easy. People will seek you out because of “your system” and unique perspective. And building products, email marketing, conducting web training, etc. also become a lot easier to handle.

If you ever want help developing your system and the resulting products, then DM me or email me and let’s talk. Or pull me aside at the upcoming conference in the hallway. I love doing that stuff for other people. And it is only true path to be sure that you are building a legacy vs. going around and just “giving speeches” for a living.

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