Are you using Sponsored Tweets or any other paid ads service?

In the preparations for the big ad push to finally come Twitter is now nixing all third-party companies that have a business model based on paying for Twitter advertising. The most prominent of these is Sponsored Tweets. They posted the following on their blog today:

“We are going to make some changes to the way Sponsored Tweets works. We will no longer be publishing directly to your account through the Twitter API. Instead you will have to write the tweet yourself in whatever Twitter client you see fit. Yes, it will be a more manual process. Yes, we liked the old way better too. But we want to comply with Twitters guidelines and be a good ecosystem partner. We have always made adjustments to our system to remain in compliance. Twitter has allotted 30 days to make this change, we will try to get it out as soon as we can. Until then it is business as usual.”

So basically their service will help you compose a paid tweet, but then you are responsible for copying & pasting it into your account to be sent out to your followers.

If you use one of these services please reconsider paying for something you have to do manually anyways. Paid tweets will still be around, but pretty soon you will be doing them directly from the Twitter company. I am not really sure that businesses like this have a future. We will just have to wait and see