Have you seen the new raving fan pages?

Have you see the newest kind of fan page on Facebook? It’s called the Raving Fan page.

Don’t go looking for a Facebook fan page creation link. The process for getting a Raving Fan page is the same as getting a regular fan page. What make it different is what is done by the owning company.

To get a Raving fan page you have to create amazing content for your fans. Your service or product has to be so wonderful that when people see what you share they tell their kids to quiet down so they can take in what you have just labored to produce. When you are the owner of a Raging fan page you don’t have to work so hard to create new content every day because the Raving fans will take care of it for you. They will get on your Raving fan page and scream at the top of their lungs about what a great company you have. If a hater gets on your Raving fan page and starts complaining you can sit back and relax. One of your Raving fans will step in to defend you. A Raving fan is worth 20 regular fans. Your Raving fans are your biggest proponents, and your harshest critics.

Do you have a regular fan page or a Raving fan page? Are you doing everything you can for your fans to show that you care about them?

As soon as you prove that you care just as much about your community as you do about your own self-promotion you are on your way to having the next great Raving fan page.

What are some of the other ways you can create a Raving fan page? Let me know in the comments below.