Pay Attention: Facebook now allows ad targeting by zip code

I am far from a tin foil hat kind of guy. But pretty soon you will start seeing ads on Facebook that are very specific to your area.

As of two weeks ago Facebook allows advertisers to target their marketing campaign to specific zip codes. This will only work if you have zip code information in your profile. You should take the time right and check that information. Remove your zip code if you don’t like the idea, but also consider adding your zip code if you’d like to see better advertising. Your zip code information is in your Facebook profile under ‘Contact Information’. Ads are only annoying when you get the ones you don’t want. Now you have a chance to fix that.

About a year ago I wrote my first Facebook application to specifically loop through all of my friends information and show me their zip codes. At that time less than 10% of my friends had filled in that field. So while I think this is a great feature for targetted advertising, I think it will also cause ads to show up less frequently for advertisers.

What is next for Facebook? I’d make an guess here and say that Facebook has a lot more area code information than zip code information. This is due to the fact that many users access Facebook via their phone/mobile application and in some cases the mobile applications require you to validate your mobile number. I can see Facebook turning on area code based advertising in the future. But that will not give the marketing too much more information that they cannot already get by targeting you via your state and your city.

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