Should We Have An Online Marketing Blacklist?

Did you read my earlier post on my strong dislike for Fake Viral Videos in online marketing ? Another similar incident came out today. There was a story out recently of a woman who had her Facebook friends pictures tattooed on her arm. There was even a video that described the process as well as the pain involved. You guessed it – it was all a hoax as the promotion for a company that makes products from Facebook profile pictures.

It seems to me that companies that engage in this practice of fabricating hoaxes and so-called viral videos should be added to a master online marketing blacklist someplace of companies that we should choose to not patronize. These are companies that have willingly appealed to the emotions and general good nature of people in the interest of generating a dollar. It is this practice that is building a generation of cynics of which I am a member. It is getting harder to believe and want to help anybody and anything genuine online.

Last night somebody was sharing the story of a little girl who started a blog to track the progress of her bucket list as she progresses through cancer.  I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t believe it until I had done about a half hour of research. My default mode has turned into not believing anything that seems too good to be true. I wasn’t always like this. But I think that brands are trying so hard to stand out and grab our attention that they are now willing to do it at any cost. Meanwhile some of the ethical brands are not getting the attention they deserve.

I’d like your thoughts on this in the comments below. Would you ever do business with a company that has engaged in shady advertising practices? Would you ever do such a thing to generate income?

Comment away. Thanks.