Measuring, Getting Fired, And Google First Page Search Results

Are you measuring your marketing online ? – As the old saying goes: “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. This holds true whether you are working in the real world or the online world. But what should you be measuring, and how do you get started? First – get a Google Analytics account and have your webmaster add that to your website ASAP. Any good webmaster can do it in a matter of minues. Then once you’ve had that installed for week start tracking the following numbers every week on a spreadsheet or a piece of paper: Number of visitors (should be going up), pages per visitor (shoud be going up), how much time each visitor spends on the site (should be going up), and your bounce rate (should be going down). If you need help tracking these numbers (or even need a website to get started tracking these numbers) contact us at Focus.

How to piss away a 20 year career in 140 characters and 30 seconds – We here at Focus love to share examples of social media gone bad. Why? Because we don’t want you to kill your personal reputation, your company’s repuation or worst of all to lose your job. How fast can it happen ? One bad Facebook update or one bad Twitter update and you are history. A CNN reporter found out the hard way this week when she was fired for a Twitter message she posted. Remember the cardinal rules: If you would not say it in a bullhorn on a rooftop or say it with your mom/dad around don’t say it online. And don’t let other inexperienced people do your updates.

Want First Page Google Results? Danger Danger – It is everybody’s dream – to have their service or product show up in the top 10 positions of the very first page of a Google search . It has been shown time and time again that this can make or break you online. There are companies out there that promise they can do this for you. (We are not one of them because we know you cannot do it cheap and organically at the same time). But we were pitched by one this week that said they could do it – and that they were those only ones around that could. What made it pretty funny for us is that we had seen the same pitch from a different company exactly a week before. It is definitely doable if you have the money to afford the ads at that level. But please be very careful of companies like this one that are paying hefty fines for misleading companies when promising Google page one results. If you’d like more information on Google or Facebook advertising contact Focus and let’s chat.