Mailing Lists, Private Membership, and Website Live Help

Do you have a mailing list on your site? Mailing lists and newsletters are one of the best ways to build customer loyalty and communicate with your clients on a regular basis. We use Mailchimp here at Focus and we recommend it to all of our clients. Why? Because your cost is ZERO until your email list gets over 500 members. There is no reason for you to not sign up. You can have your own mailing list form on your site in a matter of days. Click here to see how they work and get your own account today.

Focus Beginner Marketing Private Membership Coming – We have a lot of people that come to us that are just getting started in marketing online. And they have no clue as to where to start. Do you start with Social Media? Do you build your website first? But what about the Facebook Fan page? These are all questions that Focus can help you with. And we are building a private paid member area just for you to be able to learn more about this topic . Our private community will be geared towards the person that has no time to learn online marketing, or that wants to learn it but needs to start at square one. Stay tuned! This is exciting stuff.

Have you ever wanted to offer LIVE help on your website? This week we discovered a great FREE utility that allows you to offer a live chat session to people browsing your products and your site. And you can also proactively initiate a chat with the shopper. That product is called Livezilla! and can be found HERE. Do you love free? We sure do. This product does some amazing things. You can see exactly what part of the country the person is browsing from. You can see what page they are browsing on your site. If you are chatting with them you can send them an exact page to browse. This is great if people are hunting for something on your site that is hard to find. Check it out and let us know how you like it.