Is your website playing by the rules?

One of the things I have always loved are websites that play by the rules. Websites that produce nice clean layouts and adopt the best practices of the committees that determine web standards end up working better on every browser and mobile device out there.

I know several web designers and one of the thing that frustrates them to no end is a website that looks different on different web browsers. When this happens the very first thing I suggest to them is to run their site through a validator and make sure they are playing by the rules. The one I always point them to is at If you have never done so you should go to that website, enter your website there and see how many errors you come up with. It should be zero! There are some rare cases where you might want to let a couple slip by. But most of the sites we are responsible for pass with flying colors.

Why would you care if your website passed standards:

– Ensures better compatibility with all web browsers

– Ensures your images and other content are better indexed by the search engines

– Ensures your website can be browsed by people using screen readers

So hop on over there and make sure you are playing by the rules. Google and the rest of the internet will be very happy with you.