New Product: Custom Focus SEO Reports

We have a new product that is really going to do wonders towards helping our customers achieve SEO Nirvana.

Focus Consulting now offers custom SEO reports for our clients. All we need is your website and a keyword phrase (2-3 words) that you want to rank highly for. We can then run a 50+ page report that shows how well your site ranks compared to your top 10 competitors for those keywords. Our report is going to give you detail suggestions to what you need to do to improve your site. We examine everything – H1 tags, opening text, Meta Keywords – we leave no stone unturned. You then need to run this report again every month to see areas where you are making progress and areas where you are really shining.

If you are interested in this report order a it here . For the most effective and aggressive SEO improvement on your site we recommend your order the monthly plan for a minimum of six months. SEO is a long term strategy and you will need at least that many reports to see how effective your efforts are.