If you use this marketing tactic I will never trust you again

The more I think about this concept the more it pisses me off.  I am talking about the new trend to create branded viral hoax videos in the effort to promote a product or a brand. You can read more about it here at the ReelSEO article. I am not referring to a funny video that your company made. I am talking about staging an event, or a trend, or coming up with something that is not authentic for the sole purpose of generating buzz about your company.

Here is my mindset as a consumer when I watch these and find out it is fake:

  • I know that there are companies out there that are in the business of bullshit. If I hear about a new “viral marketing company” I know instantly it is a bullshitting business. They create it and shovel it.
  • Since so many of these are being created I trust none of them now. I believe just about everything funny or cute that is accidentally funny or cute has been staged in the effort to get me to buy something.
  • I am becoming more of a cynic of just about anything on the Internet as a result.
  • If I find out your company did one I will tell everybody I know to never buy from you. I will tell people that you are a bullshitter and that your company has a low to non-existent moral and ethical code.
  • You are out to make a buck and in business for no other reason.

Bottom Line: Please don’t do it and don’t participate in one if you are asked. Funny videos are great. But don’t lie or create any kind of hoax to sell your product. If you do so you are risking the long term reputation of your company. Every lie on the Internet eventually gets discovered and make it’s way around just your video. You will get caught, and you will piss off people like me. People that have money. And you don’t want to piss off people that have money.

I’d like your thoughts on the topic. Please share them below.