Who died and made Social Media boss?

Every since the marketing world was enamored by social media several questions have kept popping into my head. The questions below are for you to answer in the comments, and center around the social media rules we have heard for years. For some of them I am pretty sure of the answers. And some of the others just baffle me. (Note: I don’t advocate any particular method below. I just question everything I hear)

  • Why do people talk about engaging so much in social media, but they don’t in television or print ads? Who all of a sudden woke up one day and said engagement was the name of the game? ( I believe it is )
  • Why do they say numbers don’t matter when that is precisely what does matter? More numbers = more people getting your message = more people taking action = more people buying. It has always been this way in marketing. Television cares about numbers. Print ads care about numbers. But social media for business is not supposed to be about the numbers? Everybody selling something cares about numbers. If I am not mistaken what you want is a large number of action-takers correct ?
  • Hey Mr. Social Media expert: If numbers don’t matter then is it OK if we have Twitter take away your 550,000 followers and give you just 20? Because numbers don’t matter right? I bet you’d be a little unhappy.
  • Have you ever seen any business with 20 followers on any platform say “I am happy with my 20 followers. I don’t want any more” ?
  • Since when is voicemail OK, and email auto-responses acceptable, but Auto-DMing taboo ?

I’d like your thoughts below. Thanks.