Facebook Privacy: Please be careful what you share

This morning I took the time to browse the Facebook Profile of various friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. I was just kind of wondering how much information I could see, and in general I was just being nosy. And I found a something rather disturbing. Not only are people willing to share a lot of personal information with their connections, the do it with people they are not even connected to. If your Facebook Privacy settings are not correct then you are sharing all of the same information with people you have no connection to at all.

The best (worst) example I found was  an attractive young lady who was a friend of a friend (In my opinion women need to be extremely careful with their personal information). Remember now: I am not connected to her. But I can tell you every place she has worked since graduating high school, every job she has had, every city she has lived in including the current one, her kids names, what she likes to do, where she likes to hang out. This is all because her Facebook Privacy settings are wide open.

P.S. If you have ever wondered what the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg thinks about privacy then take a quick read. It does not matter if this information is years old. It does not matter the context in which it was said. It is a fundamental mindset of the person that has your information. Don’t share it and you won’t have any problems.