My Long-Term Goals


I love this poster. Period. It is the wallpaper on my machine. All of us need to review this every now and then. This is so important.

Here are my current goals in life. I prefer not to call them a bucket list because that reminds me that I am mortal and that I am racing against father time which is a race you can never win.

Right now these are just in random order and more of a stream of consciousness dump. They will get more organized over time and each will get its own dedicated page and category on the site so each can be updated with progress:


16. Ensure I am doing everything possible to make my family happy

Personal Fulfillment:

  • Build an application that better connects people, their offers, skills, needs, wants
  • To host a interesting talk show – either broadcast or internet based
  • Get my instrument pilots rating
  • Buy my own airplane
  • Fly myself to the West coast to see my family
  • Fly myself to the East coast to see my family
  • Fly myself to Las Vegas
  • Do more online video posting. Build a regular increase in traffic. Provide quality content that helps people with their personal and business goals.
  • Do more mentoring
  • Have at least one complete outfit completed by

Personal Growth:

10.Get my Toastmasters DTM
11. Learn to play piano
12. Learn to play guitar


13. Build enough passive income to get rid of my alarm clock in the bedroom
14. Grow my net worth consistently every month
15. Own commercial real estate
16. Make money speaking on a regular basis
17. Buy a new car with cash

Living life to it’s fullest:

18. Fly to France
19. Fly to Ireland
20. Take a vacation & have lunch served to me on the beach
21. Take a vacation someplace where the water is clear

Physical Challenges:

22. Keep the same similar body weight and get down to 15% bodyfat
23. Skydive
24. Teach people about technology & communication on a regular basis
25. Help a person every day by connecting them with someone else in my network