Video: Does Social Proof matter?

I am curious – does display social proof number on your website really attract more followers or are they a waste of time? I am going to be added those numbers soon but I’d like to get your opinion before I get started. Watch the video for more. And then leave comments below to let me know if you are pro or con on social proof and why. Thanks – Patrick

Note: If you’d rather read the text transcription scroll below the video

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Hey there, its Patrick Allmond from Today’s video is more of a question for the community. And I’m going to pose the same question to you that’s been posed to me recently. And that is when you see the number of followers that somebody has on Facebook, or the number of followers that somebody has on twitter, or the number of RSS readers, or the number of newsletters subscribers on someone’s website; does that make a difference, or does that affect your decision as to whether, or not to do business with that person, or to also follower that person’s Facebook page or like that person’s Facebook page or follow that person on Twitter. That’s a question that’s been asked for me a couple times and now I’m starting to wonder myself. That number or those numbers up there showing a company’s validation or an individual’s validations is called social proof. And there’s been some debate as to whether or not you should be putting social proof numbers on your website or not. For example: if you see that somebody has thousands and thousands of followers on Twitter would that make you more likely to follow that person on Twitter? I’ve been wondering myself. First of all, how that applies in real world and I think when you go to McDonalds and you go to the arches and you see billions and billions served. I don’t recall any other restaurant I see that on, but I’m just kind of curious, does that make you more likely to eat at McDonalds? Anyways, now that people have been asking me this question, I’ve been wondering that for myself. My e-mail list has a decent following as does my Facebook page and my Twitter account. So what I may start doing is on my two websites and starting to share some of those numbers at the top of the banner and see if that decreases my bounce rate, which is the number of people that comes in one time and leave, and increases the number of followers, or Facebook fans, or e-mail subscribers. So check out the two websites and and let me know when you see those numbers on there. By the way, while your there yourself, I’m going to go ahead and make a blatant plug. Make sure you get on our e-mail list by going to the Patrick Recommends page and one of the first links on there is to get our free E-Book and that will also get you on our e-mail list. You can also find links around there to our Twitter account, which is just my name @PatrickAllmond on Twitter, or our Facebook fan page, which is Thanks for your time this has been Patrick Allmond from We’ll see you during our next video. Make sure you subscribe to our cool Youtube channel. We’ll see you soon.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]