Want more business leads? Start retargeting today !

I have seen the future of internet marketing. And it is called retargeting.

What is it:

It is tagging someone that visits your website so you can keep displaying ads to them on other websites they visit and on social media.

Who should use it:

If your company has a website then you should be using retargeting.


You should start now. Every day you are losing those people who came to your site that might not ever come back.


Retargeting is based on the concept of building an audience of past visitors. You have visitors that are visiting and leaving your site every day. Starting today you could be putting those people into a custom audience and getting them back to your site. They may have left your site because they were not interested. Or… the phone may have rang. Or… they may have gone to lunch. Or… they have opened up a tab and googled your service again to find another a company. No matter what the reasons, this person had an interest in you at one point. You need to capitalize on that interest.


Facebook retargeting is probably the easiest. But also look at AdRoll and Perfect Audience. You can even use all three and increase your reach.

If you’d like more information on how to get started with retargeting then contact us today.