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    Thank you for your interest in SDN. We are a community of high-achievers. We work with people who have the mindset of knowing they can be happier and achieve greatness in their life, but they often get lost along the way or are not exactly sure of the path to take. We find this often comes from an abundance of motivation with out direction. Motivation is good in short doses, but the people that accomplish the most in life are action-takes. At SDN we teach action. Are you ready to learn?

    How can you join and learn more

    Personal SDN Coaching

    Contact us for more information on how you can start achieving the life you want with in-person or remote coaching. Before you pick up the be aware: You must be seriou about your commitment. Please take the time to think about what you really want in life, and what you are willing to do (and willing to give up to get it).

    Our life management tool – Desire

    We are in the process of building on online tool that will support you as you build your better life. That tool is called DESIRE. It will help you build and maintain a list of life objectives that are important to you, and help you take quantifiable steps towards constant progress. It will also allow you to share you dreams with four of your closest friends for continuous feedback and motivation.

    If you’d like to be part of our beta program please use one of the links in the footer to email us.

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