Five Online Marketing Tips in Five Minutes

We hoped your week rocked like ours. Focus Consulting is expanding rapidly as more and more customers realize the value of our online marketing and social media training. Managing a website is not an easy task. For this edition of our Friday Newsletter we thought we’d share five great tips to help you make your website a killer marketing tool.

  1. Change something on your website every week : It does not matter what it is, but change something. I can be your blog, it can be property information, it can be an informational article. But change something. I have a secret to confess to you – even I forget to this. But when I do the results are amazing. How amazing? This is what happened to one of our sites this week: The site in question averages about 50-65 visitors a day. We worked with the client and helped them write a simple blog article. It was just a couple of paragraphs. I am being dead serious when I say their traffic was over double the regular traffic the next day. Google loves new content. They eat it up. Those who update their website more often are more relevant. More relevant = ranked higher = more customers = more revenue.
  2. Add a free mailing list to your website : We recommend MailChimp to all of our clients. The best leads are the ones that want to hear what you have to say. Get those leads on a mailing list and update them every week. They will love you, and as long as you constantly stay in touch with them they will refer you new business.
  3. Move to a faster hosting company : Shhhh. One of the big secrets on the internet is that your website speed matters  – a lot. If you do step number one above but it comes from a slow website Google will rank you lower. That is why Focus Consulting uses only the best web hosting servers. And we are constantly making changes to our customers sites to make them faster. We also run our customer’s sites through independent third-party tools that prove that they are the fastest sites on the internet.
  4. Create a video featuring the company star – YOU ! : Pictures and video on your website are like the toppings on an already great dessert. Both take an amazing website and make it even more yummy. We have shown time and time again that customers using online video get people that stay longer on their sites. It does not have to be professionally done. Just press the ‘Record’ button and tape yourself talking about what you love to do and what you are good at. Get that up on YouTube or Vimeo and link to it from your website. Make it serious, make it silly, make it fun – but just make it. Your readers will love it, and they will remember you and your smile over your competition. Don’t forget to smile 🙂
  5. Get a fresh design : This goes in line with number one above. Got a boring site? It does not have to cost you thousands of dollars to spruce it up. When we move our customers to WordPress they find out that there are hundreds of free themes and designs out there for the choosing. That is why we love WordPress so much. You can switch designs in five minutes and not lose any of your pages or blog posts. Don’t like your design next week? No problem. Changing designs in WordPress is easier than changing your socks! Who do we recommend? If you want a great custom WordPress design then head over to Allographics Oklahoma City Web Design. I have no problem saying we are 100% biased. So check them out and do your own due diligence. Most people that talk to them end up working with them for their WordPress design.