Top Five Rules of the Online Marketing Mindset – Part 1

This is one of the lessons we have to work through when bringing new online marketing clients and students into our training and coaching program. But what do we mean by the “right” Online Marketing Mindset?

What most people don’t realize is that the world of sales, PR, marketing and commerce are dramatically different online than they are in the real world. The internet is a completely different universe. It is very hard to take the traditional real world skills and directly use those in the online world. Some examples are: In this universe people have sub-second attention spans. In this universe people are almost never doing just one thing at a time. And in this world your brand is found and forgotten in a matter of seconds. If you don’t know these rules and your competition does they will consistently attract more clients than you, have more website traffic than you, and have a higher revenue stream than you. We live and die by these rules to keep our clients smarter than the next guy. You’d better study these rules because they can and will eventually decide your success or failure online.

This is the first series of posts about the Online Marketing Mindset. We will be going over each of these in more detail in the coming weeks. As we go into each one in detail we are going to be coming back here and linking to the posts.

What are the rules of the Online Marketing Mindset?

  1. Your have to be dramatically different and dramatically fast about it
  2. You have to be very loud
  3. You are not here to build cozy relationships and sip cocoa by the fire with your clients
  4. You are in business 24/7/365 in every continent, country and city
  5. People believe that all information is free in the internet. So make it conditionally free

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