Why Our Infusionsoft Email Marketing Now Rocks

We have experimented with every email platform out there. We have used Constant Contact, Mailchimp, iContact, etc. All of them do amazing things. Each of them has their strong points. You cannot go wrong by picking any of them. I happen to lean a little more towards Mailchimp because they do allow a free account up to 2000 subscribers. When you are a small business (which most of our clients are) you are always looking for things on the cheap.

However none of these can come close to competing with what I am using right now: Infusionsoft

It may be cliché to say that Infusionsoft “takes email marketing to a whole new level”. But after pondering it for 42 seconds there is not a better way to describe it. This service is not in the same class as anything I’ve seen. And definitely not the same class as the ones I’ve mentioned above. Imagine if you took any of those email services above. Then mixed in: A CRM, an affiliate management program (ShareASale, etc), a shopping cart system (1shoppingcart), an e-commerce storefront (3dcart), an email autoresponder, a financial dashboard with (ROI calculators), a fulfillment system (to mail out your real world “stuff”), a voice broadcasting system, and sales pipeline management. Then add in automatic email follow up, the ability to tag (in extreme detail) what your users are doing in your emails, and the ability to change what emails they get based on each users behavior. And if there is something that Infusionsoft cannot do then just use the API and write your own script to do it. Or have Infusionsoft trigger your script over on your server to take the client’s information and do what you want.

You cannot watch an Infusionsoft webinar (or one from one of their partners) and not shake your head in amazement at what this software does. I do it every day. Oh – I forgot to add in they have an annual user conference which is FREE to attend.

This is not a sales pitch for you to use Infusionsoft. Most of you reading this do not need it. As a matter of fact I’d encourage you to NOT sign up for it if you don’t have the time and dedication to blow up your business. It take some serious time to learn this system and only the dedicated need apply. It is overly complicated? No. But it is amazingly powerful. You don’t give your kids a lightsaber do you? No. If you do you are a bad parent. Read the directions. Lightsabers are only for people 21 and older that have passed the lightsaber conceal and carry class (whoa… talk about digressing).

But if you are a seriously motivated person that is tired of trying to get multiple things working together then you should check out Infusionsoft.

If you have any questions about it please drop them in the comments below. I have no problem giving you the pros and cons of it.

Disclaimer: I am an Infusionsoft client and affiliate. I pay them every month to use their service. I make a buck if you sign up with them and become a customer. That doesn’t have anything to do with this post, and I have not talked to anybody at Infusionsoft in awhile so they have no idea I wrote this.  I write from the heart and I write what I believe to be true.