Blogging is Marketing and Marketing by Blogging

I’ve always been fascinated with the entire blogging industry. If you were to peruse as many sites as I have you will discover that there are a good number of blogs out there about blogging. Yes – people make money blogging telling you how to make money blogging. How do they make money? You give them money on their blog, and they will give you something back on their blog that tells you how to make money on your blog. It feels very “Alice and Rabbit Hole”-like very fast.

I speak on online marketing and website management on a regular basis, and here is my take on blogging: It is marketing. Plain and simple. There are two type of marketing: Overt and covert. Blogging is covert marketing. When I talk about blogging (which I am by you reading my blog right now) I am showing you how much I know about the topic I’m talking about (which in this case is blogging).  I am hoping that by me showing you my expertise you will keep me in mind when you want to learn more about the topic that I am talking about (yes… I know… blogging. But I talk about other stuff too). My end goal is that when you want to PAY MONEY to have me teach you about the topic that I talk about you (blogging) will remember me and come back to my site (and blog) and pay my company money to teach more on the topic.

Another big question: Why is blogging so popular vs. conventional web pages?

Every business website has static pages where the services and products are listed. Since a company does not produce new products very often the pages can end up stale and boring. Every time you visit the services page of your local public relations firm it looks exactly the same. The search engines feel the same way. If Google visits your site every day for a week it would yawn most of the time. So Google acts just like you and I; It learns to come back less and less frequently because the page is always the same.

But what if there were a way for that public relations firm to easily post cool stories about their industry, their people, their cats, how cool their boss is, how cool the people are, the awards they’ve won, etc. That would be more interesting than that static page about their services. If a company did that then I’d come back to their site all of the time. It would be a memorable company. Google would think so too. Google would be back there every day crawling that new cool story.

This is why people who consult on internet marketing are huge blogging fans. It gives repeat visitors a reason to be a repeat visitor. It also gives the visitor a reason to stay for more than 20 seconds. When someone reads your blog you hope they will bookmark it and come back. You hope they will subscribe to your RSS feed. You pray that they will share one of your blog posts with all of their Facebook friends. And you will dance like Snoopy when all of this blogging leads people down into the customer pipeline. Know -> Like -> Trust -> Try -> Buy -> Repeat -> Refer. People will like you and trust you if they believe you know what you are talking about.

That is why we blog.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.