3 lies + 6 truths: Email marketing is alive and well

Have you seen the reports about the amazing wonders of text  message marketing ? The latest hype I’ve heard is that people open up 99% of text messages. That is the future. Email marketing (just like newspapers) are dead. There is no sense in building an email list any more. The world is mobile so that is the area you should be focusing on.

If you believe any of that then you are really being snowballed. Email marketing is alive and well. And if you are not taking advantage of this (almost) free method of reaching out to your clients then you are throwing leads and money out of the window.

The 3 lies of SMS Marketing/Mobile Marketing:

  1. People open 99% of text messages. What do you expect? Your phone is beeping at you and you have no choice but to acknowledge it. It blocks everything on your screen until you do. So messages are being acknowledged but not acted upon. It is similar to your doorbell ringing. 99% of the time when your doorbell is rung you answer. But you rarely buy from the salesman if there is one on your porch.
  2. The world has converted to mobile shopping. While mobile shopping is growing, it is still in the infant stage. Any great mobile experience takes a smartphone made in the past couple of years to be effective. And there are still plenty of mobile users with plain old flip phones. Don’t forget the old market out there that you cannot control.
  3. You must use QR codes. See the previous item. While QR codes are slick, they take a smart phone and the appropriate software application to use them. In addition you are requesting the consumer to take proactive involvement in your marketing. They are doing the work to get your message. Try them out for fun, but don’t bet too much money on them yet. If you do choose to experiment with them make sure that they offer the user a special deal or experience as a result of making them go through the effort of scanning your code. Put some sort of explanation next to the code as to the benefits of scanning. Experiment with the Microsoft alternative also to see which works better for you.

The 6 Truths of Email Marketing:

  1. Everybody (almost) has an email address. Are you 100% certain that everybody has a cell phone ? Or that they have a text messaging plan? Or that they want to pay every time you send a marketing message to them ?
  2. Every social network relies on email. If we are going social that means that we need email more, not less. The only way I find out that I have private messages on any social network is when they drop an email in my inbox.
  3. People are reading email on their phones. For the people who do have smart phones and a data plan they are likely also checking email on their phone. And they don’t have to pay extra for it. So give them the same rich experience that they are used to at their desktop.
  4. Emails are easy to forward and save. And it takes more time to read emails. If people are anything like me I sometimes save emails for years. I’m also very good about saving and organizing old emails. I delete all of my text messages immediately.
  5. You can give people more options in email. Since emails can be just about any length you have more options than you do with a short text message. You can style emails to make them more attractive . You can give people multiple links. And you have a better chance of putting a call to action or pleading your business case in an email.
  6. Email marketing is free. Head over Mailchimp.com. You can get a free account to start emailing up to 2000 of you current customers and leads. You can never use cost now as a reason to not start.

So get out there and start experimenting with email marketing. You can get a free account at Mailchimp today. If you really want to do amazing things with your email marketing check out what I use – Infusionsoft (I am a customer and affiliate). Either product is a winner – as you will be once you get rolling.