The 10 Irrefutable Laws of “Owning Your Empire”

At Focus we are building the definitive manual for online marketing. It will incorporate offline elements, but will be mainly focused on helping the small business learn more about how to leverage the internet to bring business in the door. Unlike most “We just discovered the internet” internet marketing companies, we are building systems that focus on helping you build long-term value. To that end, we focus more on tribe and “movement” building. Why? Because these are the only things in the marketing world that have proven to consistently grow companies. If you can build a dream and then convince other people that your dream is the best path to take, then you have a winning business model.

We call it “Owning Your Empire”.

And we think you will like it. It will be a structured system to help you cut through the BS that you hear every day in the IM (internet marketing) world. You are being lied to consistently, and you deserve better.

To help you get started, here is our own original list of “The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Owning Your Empire”

  1. Create original content. That is what differentiates a thought leader.
  2. Always be building the tribe.
  3. Use automation and outsourcing ASAP to scale.
  4. There is no such thing as free marketing. Only marketing that costs time vs. cash.
  5. Sell solutions to pain and methods that bring happiness. Don’t sell tactics.
  6. Convert your knowledge to products and systems.
  7. The only good marketing is targeted marketing.
  8. Always think in terms of marketing campaigns. Few people buy on initial contact.
  9. Always measure. Always test.
  10. Don’t compete on price.

If you think these would be useful to your friends and your tribe, please use the social media sharing buttons and help us spread the word. We are on a mission to kill bad marketing. And we need your help.