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The First Discipline: Belief

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how to be more self-confident

How to Become More Self-Confident in the Next 7 Days

When you look at your heros and the people you admire in your personal life and business, you see the money they make, the attitude they have, their love life, their goals, their cars, their other physical

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Three Ways To Improve Your Self-Confidence

Three Mindset Changes To Improve Your Self-Confidence

The world loves a person with self-confidence. We will gladly give our time, attention and money to a person who knows what they are talking about. Or at least thinks they know they are talking about.

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Everybody has self-doubt

Everybody has self-doubt. Even the most confident person you know is wondering on some level if they are on the right path. Self-doubt is normal, and should be considered a safety mechanism that constantly

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