May 2014 High Achiever Report and Forecast

Keep aiming high. One month at a time.

Keep aiming high. One month at a time.

Welcome to our brand new segment on StopDoingNothing called “The Monthly High Achiever Report and Forecast”. If you were around last month then you’ve probably had a chance to read the April High Achiever Report. If not go check out that one out to see how we did last month. I’ll be using this monthly report to hold myself accountable for the growth of Focus Online Marketing and StopDoingNothing. I’ll also be highlighting personal goals that I set up for myself. I encourage you to share your goals with me in the comments below or by commenting on the Facebook Page. I’d love to hear from you, and we can hold each other accountable.

What did we accomplish in May 2014:

Media: We didn’t record any new episodes of the StopDoingNothing Podcast after Episode 14 in May. You can listen to that episode or any of the others by visiting the Podcast Section of the website.  Note: If you listen to podcasts on iTunes click here to subscribe and leave us a rating. We are always looking for feedback.

We also have a new camera that should arrive in the office any minute. I’ll be having a contest in our private Speaker Online Marketing Facebook group to give away the old to a lucky speaker who really wants to get into the world of online video. The one I am giving away is not anything amazing. But it gets the job done and getting started is more important than getting it perfect.

Events: We held our first ever “Own Your Empire” online marketing event in Oklahoma City. This was a big mental hurdle for us, and now we are off planning the next one which will occur in Dallas in August of this year. If you are in the Dallas area and what to help us promote, contact me. We do have an affiliate program where you can make some decent money for each person you refer to us. Stay tuned for other Own Your Empire sessions in different cities.

Personal: I’m still committed to running in an upcoming event in Oklahoma City called “Conquer the Gauntlet” (join me) . This goes in line with my goal of continuous self-improvement of my body. I’m a firm believer of the notion that if we want to do anything amazing in life, we have to start with our physical health. It is what gives us the energy to do anything else. When I fail take care of my body then everything else suffers: My relationaship. My income. And my mood. So we have less than 30 days to train for this event. Stay tuned. I am hitting the gym at least three times a week doing high repetition weight exercises to get my heart rate up and build my upper body strength for all of the climbing that has to be done.


What do we plan to accomplish in June 2014:

Growth: I’ve accepted a challenge with a fellow entrepreneur to have a coaching program up for my Own Your Empire System by the end of June. Stay tuned. There will be an early bird launch where you will be able to get in on the ground floor of some amazing platform training. If you are a speaker or a coach then having a great platform is the basis for all of your business. I’ll be showing you had to do that.

Media: We’ve recorded one new podcast and video for you.  You can watch/listen to “Episode 15 – Is Social Media a Complete Waste of Time?” by clicking here.

Personal: (Carryover from last month) I want to able to run three miles again before the Conquer the Gauntlet event (see above). I’ve done it in the past, but I spend more of my time every week lifting weights than I do running.  I installed RunKeeper and will be going out several times a week to walk or run my three miles. My goal is to get in 10 miles a week going from Sunday to Saturday. This should get me in great shape for the event on June 21st and also help get the bodyfat down to 20% from 29% which has been a recent goal.

Events: Several goals in this area for June:

  • I have a speaking event on June 24th in Chicago. I’ll be talking at the “Going Digital For His Kingdom” conference about the best ways to use social media in the religious community. If you’d like more information or want to come and see me, click here.
  • I have an Infusionsoft presentation to group of entrepreneurs in Oklahoma City. I’ll be doing a live hands-on demo of how to design and deploy an automated email marketing campaign from scratch. I am a huge fan of automation, and Infusionsoft is the perfect tool for it. If you are in the area then RSVP here and come join us.
  • Keep planning the Dallas August event with the good folks down at Global Web HQ. They are our Dallas partners for this event. Our goal is to take this event to several cities and span it over two days. If you’d like me to bring it to your city, please contact me and let’s talk.
  • Finish planning my presentations and book all travel for the National Speakers Association conference in San Diego. If you are in the San Diego area then let me know.

Writing: Last month I talked about the long overdue StopDoingNothing book. I am still working on outlining this in a tool called Scrivener (thank you Michael Hyatt) on my Mac. This appears to be a great tool to outlines ideas, and even has a great corkboard features. I also like the fact that you can layout sections of your book and rearrange them later. You don’t have to worry about which chapter will be chapter 1, chapter 2, etc. That part will come later. Scrivener is a lot more than a word processor. It is a high quality writer’s productivity toolbox. Check it out if you’re considering penning your own tome any time soon.

I also made the effort to plan out my blog writing schedule more. There is a great plugin for WordPress called Editorial Calendar. It allows you to see and rearrange all of your blog posts in a nice visual drag-and-drop interface. But the nicest feature is that I can click on any day of calendar, select new post, type in a headline, click save, and I’ve just created a draft blog post for that day. So what I have done is gone out 30 days (minus Sundays) and create draft blog post topics. New blog posts bring traffic to site. But they also keep my brain in writing mode. The more I write, the better the quality of the work that I produce. Better quality from me helps you become a better high achiever.

And lastly I found a great resource from Tim Ferris about the entire lifecycle of writing, marketing, PR, etc – everything related to the life of a book. I’ve been keeping this open as a tab in my web browser 24/7 because there is so much to read. Click here to read what I’m reading.

Now It Is Your Turn:

Please comment below and let me know what you have planned for June 2014. Also – What did you do in May that made you very proud of yourself.

Your friend in success  – Patrick