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From zero to 17000 a month

How I went from $0 to $17K/Month in 12 months

This article is reprinted in full with permission from the original author Colin. I kept all images and links intact. I originally read this over on Reddit and thought it was a great example of how to build an internet business strictly based on great content and low cost advertising. Note that this is not a “How To Make Money Fast” post. Colin busted his chops for 12 months to get his “overnight success”. Read, learn, take notes and please help us and Colin out by sharing this all over social media – Patrick

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Changing Jobs - Be Prepared for these pitfalls

Upcoming Job Transition? Don’t Mess Up These Three Areas

On average, we will change jobs 11 times by the time we turn 50 according to the United States Department of Labor. Much of the job-hopping is early in our lives, but even in our forties we change jobs twice.  Going through a job transition can be difficult. There are three areas to plan for during a job transition, Money, Time, and Stress. Every job transition is unique, so the goal of this article is to highlight ideas for you to consider to make your transition as positive as possible.

Plan for the increase (or the decrease) in salary

Everyone knows they should have a budget. I have a budget, but in real life my budget is a guideline, some months are worse than others. When dealing with a job change a budget has to be more than a guideline. If you are in the situation of trying to find a new position, your finances will be stressed. Planning ahead, six months at least, can help prepare you for that transition.

What if you are getting promoted or have found a higher paying position?  You might think Money doesn’t factor in, but it does. If you don’t plan for the increase in pay, you will find yourself wasting money when you could be using that money to benefit your financial goals. Can a debt be paid off sooner? You can save for a future purchase. Having an increase in salary can benefit more than just your monthly take home pay; don’t waste the opportunity.

Factor in the changes to your time/schedule

Every day has exactly the same amount of time; it is our life that is hard to balance in those 24 hours. The two main areas that take up our time are job and family. A job transition will challenge this balance.

Again, you might think having a promotion or moving to a better position has no affect on this dynamic, but it does, especially at the beginning of your new position. There is always a learning curve with a new position. It takes time to get into the groove of a new job. Also, new positions create new expectations to your routine. It might be something as simple as what time you are expected to begin your workday. This changes your routine. Being aware of the time commitment at the beginning of your new position and the other time factors of your job will help in dealing with balancing the rest of your life outside of work.

Be aware of friendship changes… and stress

The other two factors play a role in your stress level. If you plan ahead with for those, it will help keep your stress in check.  But there are other factors that can affect your stress you might not have considered.

One of the great aspects of life is our friendships. A job transition will change these relationships. A promotion may make you the supervisor of your friends. Changing a position will mean developing new relationships, but also it will make sustaining relationships with coworkers from your other position difficult. Your social circle will change with your job.

Our jobs or careers usually reflect our personal goals.  Many times changing a job means we are moving toward achieving our goals. This gives us a boost to handle different challenges because we are accomplishing our dreams. Sometimes, though, a job transition reflects a hurdle to our goals. Or challenges us to reconsider our dreams. This can be a difficult time of self-reflection. A job transition can be a time to evaluate our personal goals.

Preparing for a job transition is important. Each transition is unique, but keeping in mind time, money, and stress will help you make the move easier.

True leader, Husband, Father, Coach & Professor Hamey Bowelhower

Husband, Father, Coach & Professor Jamey Boelhower

Who is Jamey Boelhower

Jamey Boelhower is a husband and a father of six, TIS, coach, and teacher for Sandy Creek high school in Nebraska. He is also an adjunct professor for CCC Hastings. You can read his regular blog “It Is All Connected” by clicking here. And you can follow him on twitter at @jdog90

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You Can Have This House. All It Takes Is Work.

Do You Get Jealous of Successful People ?

Are you ever browsing the internet looking for ways to be more successful and more motivated ? Every now and again you’ll stumble upon the blog of a person that is living the life you want to live. They look like they are famous. They talk about their money or other assets. They have a huge social media following. They are loved and adored by all of their fans. And you are 100% sure that they are relaxing in their 10,000 square foot house house drinking top grade alcohol while floating in their pool.

I’ve heard friends say that they encounter this often. And it is depressing. It is depressing to think that so many other people in the world that are doing so much better than you are. It can be almost painful at times to see that somebody else has no problem buying food. Or making their mortgage payment. Our putting clothes on their kid’s backs. If you go to the extreme you might be one of those people who have an extreme hatred for successful people. Why do they deserve to get everything? You are the one working two jobs and your lights still get cut off  every now and then.

If you ever feel yourself getting angry when you see somebody else’s life I want you to remember this list:

  1. You don’t know that person’s history/backstory. They may have been through more hell than you can imagine before they “made it”. Some of the most successful people have been in jail, gone bankrupt multiple times, lost limbs, and have been through multiple divorces. You just never know.
  2. Anybody on the internet can portray anything. That person with the 10,000 square foot house could be in the middle of a foreclosure. You just never know.
  3. Every second you spend focusing on somebody else’s money is one less second focusing on generating money for yourself. That is one of the reasons I spend a lot of time talking about time management on this blog.
  4. There is no shortage of success and money. If you want it bad enough you will bust your ass to get it. No amount of jealousy or whining will pay your bills.

Pay close attention to #3. The more time you spend on #3 the less time you have to spend on #4. If you are frustrated with your lot in life, then stop wishing for something better and  stop watching other people have what you want. Just go do it yourself.

Now get off of the internet and figure out how to generate your own personal fortune.

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The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

The basics of a successful mindset never die. Every day you will see someone come at you with a new mind trick or a new philosophy on success. But there basics rules that you need to be successful never change.

Set aside time to watch this classic video from Brian Tracy about what self-made millionaires do differently. Take good notes. And then practice them. Don’t just watch – act. Brian gives you all of the answers you need right here in this video. It is up to you to either A) Believe them and act on them or B) Ignore them and go looking for the next big thing.

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StopDoingNothing on Poverty.

I have a challenge for you readers. I double dog dare you to not spend money on anything frivolous today. So that would mean cutting out all of the following today and donating it towards charity. This would include:

– Starbucks

– Clothes you don’t need

– Computer toys you don’t need

The list can go and on. That is my plan for today. I am going to attempt to spend $0 today. My car has a good tank of gas and I have plenty of food in my house so this should not be a problem.

Instead I am going to spend my time on poverty. Not just thinking about. But acting on it. Once I actually sat down and thought about it there is so much that I do take for granted. From having a roof over my head to shoes on my feet. I tend to ignore those that are less fortunate than me. I ignore them on the street. I change the channel on late night TV. I say not interested and hang up on every charity call I get.

That is not the person I want to be . Is that the person you want to be? If not what are you going to do about it? And when are you going to start.

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StopDoingDebt: Top 5 ways I am killing my debt today

I am huge fan of a debt free life. And you should be too. You’d be hard pressed to convince me the merit of the phrases “good debt” and “bad debt”. It is debt, and you need to be on a mission to kill it every single hour of every single moment.

Here are my very simple ways of how to do it every single day:

1. Automate: I don’t trust myself to remember anything any more. Not to invest. Not to make a payment on time. Not to save for a rainy day. So I use my banks automatic transaction feature and I put all of my saving and investing on autopilot. I spend the money in my checkbook well ahead of time. All of the bills are on autopilot. I can probably disappear for a year and all of my finances are taken care of. Nothing will be late. If you want to stop stressing out about money and debt put everything on auto pilot. Especially savings and investing.

2. Put ’em away: You cannot use it if you don’t have it on you. DO NOT CARRY YOUR CREDIT CARDS. As I open my wallet right now and look I do not have a single credit card on my. I have 2-3, but they are over in my desk drawer (I hope). I don’t have them on me so I cannot do that quick mental justification of using one when I see a deal. If I am out shopping and I don’t have my regular debit card and I need to use the CC then I am SOL. I’ll have to come back and buy it later. But by that time I will have found the debit card or usually gone to the ATM for cash.

3. Be happy with what you have: A lot of credit card debt comes from material acquisions. I want more stuff. Gimme Gimme Gimme NOW. Even if you don’t have the cash a credit card gives you a great way to get it all now… NOT (80′ s  joke thrown in for effect). If you look around your life and your abode you will realize that you have what you need to survive. A roof over your head, a decent job, and (hopefully) another person to keep you happy. Everything else is gravy and sprinkles on top. If you look at it all with what you have vs. what you have not your outlook and your pocket book will be a lot happier.

4. Nothing but the cash: Learn to live off of the greenbacks. Going for groceries? Cash only. Going for Gas? Cash only. This is a great way to get an idea of the physical amount of money you are spending. You will subconciously get greedy and want to spend less. For some reason parting with a bunch of Benjamins is a lot harder than a single credit card swipe.

5. Rinse, Lather, Repeat: Are you living a LIE? You should be. Go to your computer desktop right now and start A-LIE file for July 2007: Assets Liabilities Income and Expense. 8 columns. First one is the title of the asset, 2nd is the cash amount. So and so forth for the liabilities, Income and Expenses. As much as possible document every dollar that you know about that is coming or going in the house. Look it over and see where you can trim the fat. Then add a reminder to your calendar to update it monthly starting in August. Make sure you keep the ones from the previous month. Once you have a picture of what your numbers are doing you will subconciosuly pay more attention to the dollars you spend every day. You can’t help it.

I am curious as to your top 5 tips. Let’s hear ’em!

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StopSavingNothing: Is financial management software worth using?

What is the point of using Quicken, Microsoft Money or any other personal financial management software?

They help you keep track of what you are spending your money on and what you are not spending it on. But for the most part they fail miserably at one of the most important things that we are told over and over again – yor goals. They just don’t ‘get you anyplace’. They are all centered on just tracking what you having, not where you want to go. They do have some small goal setting features, but nothing that really helps the layman set an goal and that becomes the center and complete objective of the financial picture. If there is I have completely missed it – and I look at alot of financial management software.

What tools do you use or how do you manage your money so everything you do is goal based? Inquiring minds want to know.

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StopBeingPoor: The NUMBER ONE thing you can do right now to start saving money

This is incredibly easy and I might get comments about how incredibly dumb this is. But the odds that you are not doing it right now. But I challenge you to do it BEFORE you leave my site.

1. Log into your online bank account. You can access your checking and savings account online right?

2.  Go to payments and set up a regularly scheduled payment to your savings account every week for some amount. $10 – $20. $50. Mine is set up for $200. S

3. Logoff.

Yes – that is it. Incredibly simple but amazingly effective. So simple that I bet you have not done it yet. You will get to it later correct? No you won’t. So do it now. If you are in tabbed browser open a new tab and do it now.

Or you can wait and regret it. Your choice… and it is a CHOICE.

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