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Why we want to hear your story

As a regular reader of StopDoingNothing I am sure you are familiar with our style. We strive every day to educate, inspire and speak for those who don’t have the courage to speak for themselves. We love crazy ambition. And we want to hear about yours. No matter your age or profession, you have a story that is ripe with lessons that the rest of us want to hear. This is your chance to tell your story and educate the world.

What do I get in return?

Web Exposure. Thousands and thousands of high achievers like you visit our website and social media properties every month. We are big and getting bigger daily. 

Email list exposure. We email out blog updates  to the email list and push them back to the website.

Social media exposure. Our fan page, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter accounts have a combined audience of almost 50,000 connected and highly engaged members. That ain’t too shabby. We’ll share your content heavily for the first seven days and then repeatedly share it forever once every couple of months. Your content will live forever. We also pay to promote our articles so they reach more people that most social media accounts. 

Backlinks. This is valuable for search engine optimization. We will allow two backlinks to your website and one backlink to your main social media property. 

I’m ready. What do I do next ?

Submit the form below so we can start to communicate with you. You should immediately receive an email that contains the next set of instructions. Be sure you use an email address you check often.


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I am combing the world looking for people that want to be high achievers in life. I run the popular & growing community at StopDoingNothing.com and the StopDoingNothing Facebook Page. You'll also catch me as the Social Media contributor to Fox TV and several other TV stations. Follow @patrickallmond

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