May 25, 2020

SDN EP:88 – Badass Gifts For Entrepreneurs

“Help entrepreneurs do better marketing and expand their audience.” - Patrick Allmond (01:48-01:52)

Do you have someone within your family and friends circle who runs their own business? If your answer is YES, perhaps there were many instances in the past wherein you got stuck picking the best gift idea for them. Why not purchase something that helps them in their business?

In this weeks' episode, you'll learn about BADASS GIFTS for the everyday entrepreneur.

Part One of ‘Badass Gifts for The Entrepreneur’

In case you have no idea what those things are, this perfect reference for gift ideas are geared towards helping your entrepreneur family or friends do better marketing, expand their audience, and learn more about themselves.

“Anything you can share to make someone's life better is worth it.”
- Patrick Allmond

First, get a good quality camera. Help them create better videos by purchasing good quality cameras like Sony or Panasonic HD, which you can match up with a ring light to help balance everything, microphone and a tripod stand.

Part Two of ‘Badass Gifts for The Entrepreneur’

Since most people use camera phones nowadays, you may buy them a high-quality device like an iPhone with the most memory and the one with the highest quality lenses. It's expensive, but it produces excellent video as long as you are a good storyteller.

“It's time to approach 2020 with great business ideas!”
-  Patrick Allmond (26:59-27”05)

Another idea is to look at some conferences next year that they have talked about going to and buy them a ticket. If you have an entrepreneur who might be a little bit more of an introvert, which a lot of them are not, going to a smaller conference might be a better bet. You might also consider ones that are related to personal development vs. marketing-related ones. Lastly, buy a good book for them or good quality apparel.

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