July 20, 2020

SDN EP: 96 – Video Marketing for Business

“We're focused on creating branded content for influencers to share their message congruently online.” - Tamara Thompson (06:41-06:45)

If you've been following the previous episodes and live streams of Stop Doing Nothing, you'll notice that all of the content is getting better because of this brilliant woman, Tamara Thompson, my guest for this week's show. We're going to talk about video marketing for business. Hopefully, this can help enlighten your perspective on the essence of video marketing and the tremendous impact it can create in your business, especially during COVID-19.

Part One of ‘Video Marketing for Business’

Tamara Thompson is the CEO of Serious Take Productions, a premium video marketing company. Business owners hire her to visually and emotionally share their stories so they can inspire and establish their authority through media creatively and compellingly in a way that is congruent with their brand.

Her clients are in the personal and professional development industry: primarily speakers, coaches, consultants, and agency owners who have built a business around their expertise. They have a proven track record of helping transform the lives of clients. They have produced reputable results. They want help creating videos that help them sell without feeling overly salesy. Also, they want to be positioned as the go-to authority and trusted experts in their field. Some of them may even want practical training on how to create videos, what to say, and how to use video and media to sell more effectively.

Her mission is to turn everyday people into Influencers. She helps business owners build a scalable company and become more visible consistently online to attract more clients without having to chase people around or be tech-savvy.

“Video marketing is an important part of the business.” 
- Patrick Allmond (08:31-08:33)

Tamara started using a camera at the age of seven. She loves jumping in front of the camera and getting told by her parents, "Tamara, we're trying to record your little brother. Get out of the way!" Growing up, she never even looked at it as a career option. Back then, it was merely deemed a hobby, and she loved making silly videos, just like any other young people out there. She was in the fitness industry for about eight years and discovered that she had more fun filming her friends that were personal trainers. So, that made her decide to go back to film school in her late 20s.

She had a mentor who passed away shortly due to lung cancer after she graduated. Upon discovering how good she was when it comes to directing, seeing the overall vision, managing the storyboard, and storytelling, she was challenged to film a documentary and enter it into film festivals which ended up being sold out in film festivals all across Seattle, Washington, and Palm Springs, California. That opened up more doors for her to receive invitations from people who wanted her to be a speaker for their events. It's an inspirational story about simply directing films up to running her own production company that's focused on branded content so that people could share their message congruently online.

Part Two of “Video Marketing for Business

Most people don't realize how important video marketing is in business. Whatever industry you're in, you always have the opportunity to connect with more people online. It's just a matter of knowing whether you're fully utilizing all the tools and resources you need to be consistently visible out there. But sometimes, generating enticing content can be an overwhelming process.

If you're tired of wondering why other businesses get so much traction online, and you want to start working with a reliable, cohesive team that drives results and return of investment for your business content, it's time for you to consider working with Serious Take Productions and check out their Video Authority Accelerator program.

To give you a few details about what this program covers, you will get world-class support for your content & brand strategy, SEO & marketing research, video, podcast, blog, social media, and distribution and optimization.

“We've created a system for influencers who want to be consistently visible.” - Tamara Thompson (11:16-11:26)

Video marketing can help position your authority as an influencer in your industry. Multiple social media platforms are available nowadays for you to post your video content. You never know who's going to give you a golden call because they want to work on their first big project with you.

You can also catch up on the previous episodes where Patrick talked about How to Stay Sane While Sheltering in Place During COVID-19 and Now Is the Time for Business Expansion.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Stop Doing Nothing ...!

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