April 27, 2020

SDN EP: 84 – Only Distracted Suckers Are Going to TikTok

“Facebook has a lot more cash sitting around than TikTok or Snapchat.”– Patrick Allmond (03:55 – 04:04)

We’ve seen a lot of people nowadays using TikTok. Even social media gurus swear that it’s the next big thing.

For business owners, should you jump into the bandwagon and create content in TikTok? Or should you stick with your current platform?

In this episode, we’ll talk about the TikTok craze, our behavior with new social media platforms, and if we should use it for our business.

Part One of Only Distracted Suckers Are Going to Tiktok

Most of us quickly get fascinated with some of the new social media sites out there. But let me remind you that this is just a cycle that we go through now and then. Remember, years ago, when we had Snapchat? 

So one company will get the influx of money, develop an app that allows you to do animations on your face, or cool loops, and even silly GIFs. Naturally, people will flock to it insanely, and they will say that Facebook and YouTube are dead.

“Don’t forget to focus on the stuff that works.” – Patrick Allmond (04:19 – 04:24)

Are they?

There’s nothing new on TikTok that we haven’t seen on Facebook. There’s nothing new on Snapchat that Facebook doesn’t do. What these other sites are doing is providing additional feature ideas to older sites like Facebook. Now, the developers from Facebook will quickly adapt these features to the platform. When that happens, the conversation is over.

Part Two of Only Distracted Suckers Are Going to Tiktok

Recently, a lot of people in my social feed talked about how to use TikTok for business versus using Facebook pages. But you know what, the key is to FOCUS. We have to focus on the core platforms. Things like Facebook pages and YouTube.

Do not get distracted by TikTok. Again, just focus.

Facebook is still effective for business because of its targeting features, and you have to take advantage of that. 

You should still upload your content to different platforms. For example, you can do live videos and upload the same to YouTube. Have an MP3 version and turn it into a podcast.

“The best trick for content production is to press the red record button and start talking” – Patrick Allmond (11:23 – 11:29)

Lastly, do content production regularly. If you can do a live video on Facebook every single day, then do so. It doesn’t matter if you have the equipment to shoot professional videos. All you need to do is click that record button and start talking. You can figure it out along the way.

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