February 7, 2022

SDN EP 119: How To Get More Views On Your YouTube and Podcast Shows

If you're looking to amp up your omnipresence in the world wide web this new year, it pays to know which tools work, which helps save you a lot of keystrokes and makes repurposing content easier.

Tune in to learn more ? watch the full episode of Stop Doing NothingContent Promotion, Syndication and Distribution with Phil Gerbyshak.

What You Will Discover:

?? Do you make your content work hard for you? The open secret of achieving that is content automation. Leverage your webinars and other long-form content and break them down strategically into smaller ones such as posts, articles, infographics, and podcasts.

?? Treat your content like how real-world TV shows work. Think of it this way: you record, and the camera stops. After airing or getting broadcasted, nobody will ever see it again if you do nothing. See what shows such as what Saturday Night Live does. They'll slice it, and they'll dice it, and they'll put it on their Instagram and Facebook accounts and their YouTube channel. They'll probably put it on their NBC website and blog.

It would be best to treat your content distribution seriously to get the right people to see and reach out to you.

?? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, you name it. How do you ensure that your content goes in these and everywhere else? Social Selling Expert Phil Gerbyshak reminds the importance of repurposing, repackaging and reformulating content that fits best on these platforms.

?? Create a balance of evergreen content and some that are avocado that means fresh. Consumers prefer reading or consuming stuff that is current but also consider that even old posts will find their way into your audience as long as they stay relevant.

?? Setting aside some money is becoming a necessity to share content in front of not just eyeballs — but the right eyeballs.

Who's your target? Who are the best people who need your products and services? Because frankly, you wouldn't want virality, but real conversations and cash flow.

?? We've seen red flags of what happens when social media goes down. While Facebook still has the most users on the internet, getting billions of eyeballs every single day — be reminded that it's always an excellent plan to diversify your ad spend and social sharing.

?? Fantastic tools for repurposing content. Phil has recommended Agorapulse as his social media management tool for six years. Otter.ai to do transcripts (the transcription engine behind Zoom, as well.) Kapwing video reformatting and editing,  Grammarly online writing assistant and Text Expander to speed up typing.

Phil Gerbyshak is a speaker, sales expert, corporate sales trainer and small business coach. Phil trains his clients on the power of connection, leveraging the reach of social media, combined with the deeply personal work of nurturing 1:1 relationships, growing profitable long-term clients, transforming businesses and boosting revenue.

Know more about Phil at https://philgerbyshak.com/

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