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DotComSecrets Book Review

Click here to get your own personal free copy of DotComSecrets.

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Guide To Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook customer audiences are where the real power is in Facebook. Click here to download the latest 2017 guide from AdExpresso.  

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Which Brilliant Badasses Do I Follow For Marketing Advice?

Free marketing advice is available all over the the internet. It really is not hard to find - especially the bad marketing advice. Or the marketing advice that will try hard to put you hard into being

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Build a Winning Brand People Can Trust

Click here to read the original full article from ASI Central People will buy from you if they trust you. And one excellent way to build trust with clients and prospects is to educate and entertain them

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Video: You Are Where You Are Because Of Your Rituals

If you want to model successful people, the first thing you should be looking at are their rituals. Look at every detail including such minor things as: What do they do every morning when their feet hit

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What’s In Your Tool Kit?

I am often asked “What’s In Your Tool Kit”?  What tools do I use in my business to be more productive? That’s a loaded question because I am a geek and every time something new comes

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Painful Business Lessons

Four of the Most Painful Business Lessons I’ve Learned

I gave a marketing presentation a couple of weeks ago and shared 4 painful lessons that I’ve learned after 17 years of business ownership . Please pay close attention to them. Follow them and you’ll

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