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Rule #2: You Have to be Very Loud

I am going to have a lot of people that are going to disagree with me on this point. But I have seen it be a major factor in the success or failure of companies that build online marketing campaigns. 

You have to be constantly talking about how good your business is, and how you do it better than your competition. Therefore there are so many cases of a great company with no marketing performing poorly while their competition that provides mediocre service but has great marketing is prospering. One of the many functions of marketing is to spread your message repeatedly to as many people as possible. Once or twice is not enough. Your potential client base needs to your brand in their head as the one that solves their problems. They need to think of you whenever they encounter somebody that has a problem that they know you solve. And your company name needs to be always on the tip of their tongue. The only way this happens is by demonstrating your expertise on a frequent basis. You cannot rely on the hope that people will find you and just give you money. That might happen occasionally. But the best and loyal customers are the ones that think of you first, trust you, and will buy from you without question when you have a problem that they need fixed. 

Once you hit a marketing tipping point you don’t have to worry about talking about yourself as much. Your raving repeat customers will do all your marketing for you. But until that happens you must constantly work at putting your message into the consumer’s head. Example of ways to get that message out over and over: Make sure you have an active email campaign that hits your database between once a week and once a month. Start looking into paid advertising that is very targeted towards your market. 

I’d like your feedback on this issue in the comments below. 

What are other online marketing methods (outside of your own website) that you can drive your value message repeatedly but still be cost-effective?