Fox 25 in Oklahoma City calls upon me frequently to give my commentary on various social media topics. This latest one was about the if I die Facebook app. After I did my standard in studio five minutes segment (which gets cut to 5-15 seconds for the broadcast) I came out to the Fox 25 parking lot and recorded this extended unedited response. 

Video Commentary on the if I die Facebook app.

If I die is the first and only Facebook app that allows anyone to create a video or a text message which will be published after you die. That sounds funny. No, it sounds stupid. When you are about to die, the last thing that would come out in your mind is to care about your Facebook. Besides, you wouldn’t want to disclose confidential matter on Facebook where everyone can see.

I think using the if I die Facebook app is way too creepy to be used online. There are certain things in the world that should be done person to person, face to face, technology is not the last substitute single thing in the world. If you have a last will and testament, or anything to say to a friend or a family member, why not take this opportunity of the human experience instead? Especially now that Facebook is having some privacy issues … 

Do the right thing, don’t handle it to this … if I die Facebook app.