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From zero to 17000 a month

How I went from $0 to $17K/Month in 12 months

This article is reprinted in full with permission from the original author Colin. I kept all images and links intact. I originally read this over on Reddit and thought it was a great example of how to build an internet business strictly based on great content and low cost advertising. Note that this is not a “How To Make Money Fast” post. Colin busted his chops for 12 months to get his “overnight success”. Read, learn, take notes and please help us and Colin out by sharing this all over social media – Patrick

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Chris Brogan Speaking On Stage

Why Online Courses Are A Powerful Business Tool

I just read an article in Forbes saying that online courses are going to be a $107 Billion industry in 2015. I could’ve told you that. Last year, I earned 70% of my company revenue from online courses and products. If you’re a business and you’re not currently delivering some kind of online learning experience, I’ve got a story to tell.

Online Courses Help The Community You Serve

If you run even a pet grooming business, a quick online course on “How to Extend Your Glorious Grooming Results Between Visits” would be a great product. If someone spends $100-200 getting their dog groomed, you can imagine they’ll spend $100-200 to learn how to space out visits.

“Oh, but that will take away some business!” I hear you complaining already. True, maybe. But it also earns you business you didn’t have to be there to do in person. You could make that $100-200 per person while you sleep, thus freeing up some more time for the work you want to do.

Online Courses Free Up Your Time

If you find yourself teaching people the same details over and over without many variables, this is ripe for building a course. For years, people have asked me about content marketing including blogging and email marketing. The questions were so similar that I built two courses. Those courses (and the others that followed) are what make up that 70% of my revenue I mentioned above. That means that while people are taking these online courses, and working through the foundational work, I can help more people with their custom needs.

Online Courses Aren’t Just for Online Businesses

There are many companies who can sell an online course for an offline experience. You can teach lots of things online that are offline experiences: cooking, sewing, how to install heating ducts, teleconferencing installation design, whatever. Don’t allow yourself to think that online courses are just “how to get rich” schemes. They’re how people are choosing to learn.

Do You Have the Right Idea for an Online Course?

Here’s the simplest criteria I can think up:

  • Do you know someone who has an identified need that you know how to solve?
  • Do you know how to teach someone to do it?
  • Would someone actually PAY to learn this?

That’s it. That’s how I’ve sold what I sell. I’ve identified some needs from the people I’m able to serve. I know how to teach them the actions to take to improve their standing. People pay me to take my courses. Done.

What about you?

Chris Brogan is CEO of Owner Media Group. His latest project, Online Course Maker, gives you the framework to take you from a rough idea into a fully created and published online course. Learn more here!

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Painful Business Lessons

Four of the Most Painful Business Lessons I’ve Learned

I gave a marketing presentation a couple of weeks ago and shared 4 painful lessons that I’ve learned after 17 years of business ownership . Please pay close attention to them. Follow them and you’ll prosper. Ignore them and you’ll flounder and eventually die as a business.

As the business owner your primary job is to market and bring in new business.

Everything else (SEO, Web Design, Email Marketing, accounting, product creation, etc) should be given to somebody else ASAP. (Caveat: As a speaker you obviously have to deliver the speeches too).

Don’t be the cheapest provider in your market.

Define and document everything you do in your business.

Someplace in some form you should have a “COMPANYNAME process manual”. If you are not around your staff and/or spouse should be able to refer to this to know how to do everything you do.

Invest a lot money into your marketing.

Don’t be cheap in this area. We’ll spend $5 on coffee without missing a beat but whince on spending $29/month on something that brings new leads into your business.

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You Can Have This House. All It Takes Is Work.

Do You Get Jealous of Successful People ?

Are you ever browsing the internet looking for ways to be more successful and more motivated ? Every now and again you’ll stumble upon the blog of a person that is living the life you want to live. They look like they are famous. They talk about their money or other assets. They have a huge social media following. They are loved and adored by all of their fans. And you are 100% sure that they are relaxing in their 10,000 square foot house house drinking top grade alcohol while floating in their pool.

I’ve heard friends say that they encounter this often. And it is depressing. It is depressing to think that so many other people in the world that are doing so much better than you are. It can be almost painful at times to see that somebody else has no problem buying food. Or making their mortgage payment. Our putting clothes on their kid’s backs. If you go to the extreme you might be one of those people who have an extreme hatred for successful people. Why do they deserve to get everything? You are the one working two jobs and your lights still get cut off  every now and then.

If you ever feel yourself getting angry when you see somebody else’s life I want you to remember this list:

  1. You don’t know that person’s history/backstory. They may have been through more hell than you can imagine before they “made it”. Some of the most successful people have been in jail, gone bankrupt multiple times, lost limbs, and have been through multiple divorces. You just never know.
  2. Anybody on the internet can portray anything. That person with the 10,000 square foot house could be in the middle of a foreclosure. You just never know.
  3. Every second you spend focusing on somebody else’s money is one less second focusing on generating money for yourself. That is one of the reasons I spend a lot of time talking about time management on this blog.
  4. There is no shortage of success and money. If you want it bad enough you will bust your ass to get it. No amount of jealousy or whining will pay your bills.

Pay close attention to #3. The more time you spend on #3 the less time you have to spend on #4. If you are frustrated with your lot in life, then stop wishing for something better and  stop watching other people have what you want. Just go do it yourself.

Now get off of the internet and figure out how to generate your own personal fortune.

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