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Being Broke Is Not Fun

5 Ways To Stop Being Absolutely Broke

I'd love to say all of these are my ideas, but they are not. They are the result of someone asking the question "Has anyone ever been able to go from absolutely broke to making a comfortable living". It

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From zero to 17000 a month

How I went from $0 to $17K/Month in 12 months

This article is reprinted in full with permission from the original author Colin. I kept all images and links intact. I originally read this over on Reddit and thought it was a great example of how to

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Chris Brogan Speaking On Stage

Why Online Courses Are A Powerful Business Tool

I just read an article in Forbes saying that online courses are going to be a $107 Billion industry in 2015. I could’ve told you that. Last year, I earned 70% of my company revenue from online courses

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Painful Business Lessons

Four of the Most Painful Business Lessons I’ve Learned

I gave a marketing presentation a couple of weeks ago and shared 4 painful lessons that I’ve learned after 17 years of business ownership . Please pay close attention to them. Follow them and you’ll

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You Can Have This House. All It Takes Is Work.

Do You Get Jealous of Successful People ?

Are you ever browsing the internet looking for ways to be more successful and more motivated ? Every now and again you’ll stumble upon the blog of a person that is living the life you want to live.

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How To Get Started Making Great Money As A Highly Paid Public Speaker

Awhile back I spoke at an Oklahoma Toastmasters conference in a presentation titled “How to make a make a Dollar when you Holler”. This was one of my better presentations, and it was very well

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