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How To Make Your Business Competition Irrelevant

This video transformed the way I think about my business. It has allowed me to find better clients, have better clients seek me out, and to raise our consulting raise. Set aside the time to watch it and

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The Superman Syndrome

How Do You Transform Yourself To Have An Amazing Life

What is the Superman Syndrome? It is a series of common behaviors that permit an otherwise normal individual to rise above normality to alter paradigms. What makes a myth key to transforming oneself? ...

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Creating an Ethics Culture Doesn’t Have to Be Hard when You Follow these Tips

Whether you are on or off the field (for sports) or in or around the office (for business), ethics is an integral part of any team or organization. In order to be very clear, ethics is defined as being

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Business Ethics

Ethical behavior is about having personal integrity, meaning that you are always honest and true in doing business as well in your personal life. But, some people have problems in defining ethical behavior

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How Good People Make Unethical Decisions

When Ethics Fail: How Good People Make Unethical Decisions

Far too often does the process of making bad choices, unethical choices, begin with a simple almost thoughtless decision.  How do I know?  I am living proof that good people can make really bad choices

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