Darren Lyons

Darren C. Lyons (linkedin.com/in/dclyons) is a 20-year customer experience professional with expertise in diverse industries including retail, credit cards, auto loans, telephony and property and casualty insurance. As Director of Global Customer Care for a large retail organization, he managed the relationship of seven BPO Partners in ten cities across five countries increasing Customer Satisfaction scores over 50% in a six month period. Through his affiliation with the John Maxwell Group he is a trainer, speaker and coach with international executive coaching clients in 3 countries. He facilitates several training seminars in including “The Color Code Personality Assessment”, “The 5 Tools of Priority Management,” and Mastermind Groups (https://www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/darrenlyons). His book, A Day in the Life in a Skilled Nursing Facility, is available @ www.amazon.com/author/dclyons. His next book, With Worn Out Tools: Navigating The Rituals of Mid Life will be available spring 2019. For speaking engagements, please contact Darren at dlyons.ceokinc@gmail.com.