Do something this week that scares the crap out of you

When was the last time you did something so scary that you got the shakes and started sweating profusely? If you can’t remember that is the answer right there. It has been way too long.

If you are not regularly doing something that scares you a little or a lot then you are not really loving on the edge of life. Living on the edge is where the fun is. It is the middle of the candy bar. It is the pancakes with the syrup. It is the cold shower at 6am. It is the thing that will wake you up, and will make you smile when you are done.

Do both of us a favor? Do something scary and spontaneous. Today. In the next 5 minutes. This week. Go ahead. Just stand up and take off and go do it. It could be something as tame as a run around your neighbor, or something huge like skydiving. But make the commitment to do something. I double-dog dare you. And the come back here and tell us all about it.

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