StopDoingNothing on Poverty.

I have a challenge for you readers. I double dog dare you to not spend money on anything frivolous today. So that would mean cutting out all of the following today and donating it towards charity. This would include:

– Starbucks

– Clothes you don’t need

– Computer toys you don’t need

The list can go and on. That is my plan for today. I am going to attempt to spend $0 today. My car has a good tank of gas and I have plenty of food in my house so this should not be a problem.

Instead I am going to spend my time on poverty. Not just thinking about. But acting on it. Once I actually sat down and thought about it there is so much that I do take for granted. From having a roof over my head to shoes on my feet. I tend to ignore those that are less fortunate than me. I ignore them on the street. I change the channel on late night TV. I say not interested and hang up on every charity call I get.

That is not the person I want to be . Is that the person you want to be? If not what are you going to do about it? And when are you going to start.

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