Sometimes life has to be boring

I woke up this morning (that is a good thing! – better than not waking up) like I do every Saturday morning convinced that I am going to go out on the town and accomplish great things. But as I looked around the house, and the desk, and the garage I realized that I needed to accomplish great things here first. I am behind on paperwork, emails, bills, etc. Rather than going out I really need to stay here and get the mundane done. It seems that sometimes life just has to be about the boring mundane things. But if you keep up on those things then getting out and having a good time will feel that much better because there is no stress waiting for you back at the office/homestead.

So far this morning I have:

– Reviewed and signed the lease for my new office space

– Make a post over at at Yahoo! Store forums about a service company I am not to happy with

– Started addressing 9 packages of marketing material that has to get sent out

– Done the research needed to convert my business email over to Google Apps for Your Domain.

So if you are looking to accomplish great things you may not have to look to far. Or as I have had it heard before “Before going out and trying to save the earth try delousing your own closet!” (I believe that was Bill Gates)

Have a great weekend.

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