The One Secret Millionaires Know That You Don’t

What can you teach someone else

What do I know to be certain ?

  1. You are a person that is blessed with many skills.
  2. There are people on this planet who are making all of the same mistakes you've made in your past.
  3. The right people will gladly pay good money to shortcut their success by learning from other people's mistakes.

I know all three of those to be true without even meeting or talking to you. I know that you have the ability to do amazing things and do them well. It is just something that happens to us once we leave the womb. From the moment the sunlight hits ours eyes each of us starts getting great at something. And thankfully it is never the exact same thing for two different people.

As I network with people online and offline the one thing that I want to know when I meet them is what you have to bring to this relationship. If I meet you in person I will gladly tell you that I am a great communicator and I love anything involved in that field. I've owned my own business for a decade, and the one thing that I really enjoy is listening to what my customers want and making sure that they get it. I have to be able to communicate it back to them effectively. And if I screw it up, tell me. I will listen intently, repeat it back and make it right. But you don't have to tell me twice.

But if somebody (like me) asked you (like I am) what is absolute ONE best skill you had what would it be and why are you so good at it?

Please take a moment to think about this. And then think about who would pay to learn from you.

Once you've come up with the answers to the questions I've posed above, you have the start of building something you can sell online. And that is the beginning of having your own business.

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