April 16, 2018

The One Secret Millionaires Know That You Don’t

What do I know to be certain?

You are a person that is blessed with many skills.

There are people on this planet who are making all of the same mistakes you've made in your past.

The right people will gladly pay good money to shortcut their success by learning from other people's mistakes.

I know all three of those to be true without even meeting or talking to you. I know that you have the ability to do amazing things and do them well. It is just something that happens to us once we leave the womb. From the moment the sunlight hits our eyes each of us starts getting great at something. And thankfully it is never the exact same thing for two different people.

As I network with people online and offline the one thing that I want to know when I meet them is what you have to bring to this relationship. If I meet you in person, I will gladly tell you that I am a great communicator and I love anything involved in that field. I've owned my own business for a decade, and the one thing that I really enjoy is listening to what my customers want and making sure that they get it. I must be able to communicate it back to them effectively. And if I screw it up, tell me. I will listen intently, repeat it back and make it right. But you don't have to tell me twice.

But if somebody (like me) asked you (like I am) what is absolute ONE best skill you had what would it be and why are you so good at it?

Please take a moment to think about this. And then think about who would pay to learn from you.

Once you've come up with the answers to the questions I've posed above, you have the start of building something you can sell online. And that is the beginning of having your own business.

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  1. My number one skill? Comprehension. I can analyze things and change them around and I learn extremely fast. Not sure if that’s “sell-able” per say, haha. I guess that’s more of a talent.

    After that is writing. I’m good at it because I never stop reading or practicing or learning how to apply new methods.

  2. I would have to say my one major overriding skill is problem solving. If any of the other programmers or HTML/CSS cutup guys in the office have a problem figuring out anything, they always come to me first. I am usually able to solve the problem within minutes, or at least get them started on the right track to solving the problem themselves.

    I’m not quite sure what it is, but I am often able to see problems quickly and predict future problems accurately so I can avoid them. I’m always analyzing things and planning for the future, even subconsciously. It’s probably the single major skill that makes me such a good programmer.

  3. That is a great one to have. Problem there is you get to be the goto guy for everybody after awhile. Better to have that skill that not though.

  4. The skill I have honed above all else is the ability to help other people improve their speaking and presentation skills. Whether in business, at church, within the home – I work with people who need to better communicate (also translated ‘market’) their ideas and services to others, to outstanding results.

    While my talents as a speaker & writer get more attention, they are simply tools to help others improve letting the world know who they are, and why they matter.

  5. Kudos Rich. You and I are very much. I preach and preach all of the time for people to get to Toastmasters for this exact reason. I am president of my local TM club, and I cannot think of a better way for people to improve their communication skills.

  6. I can enter a room of strangers and start up a conversation with most anyone, while remembering the names of as many people in the room as I want or need to.

    Fortunately these are skill that I can also pass on to others with great success.

  7. Thanks Terry. Awesome. I am pretty good socially also. I know a lot of people here locally that just cannot stand large groups and have a fear of meeting new people. But that skill of yours is key to meeting more people that can help you get what you want out of life.

  8. I have a great personality and make people feel at ease around me. So, communication, in person, is my best skill. If you asked worst skill, I’d say being too honest, which has lost me sales at times. Just can’t be deceptive.

  9. Patricia – Glad that you know the good AND the bad. Only way to be a truly honest and transparent person. Here I am – take me or leave me.

  10. I am great socially and can make myself comfortable in any gathering. For years people have said this to me
    ” I don’t know why I am telling you this” or “I have never told anyone this before” People like to talk to me and I love it.

  11. No one is a stranger to me. I’m great with making anyone feel comfortable talking with me. I can talk about anything with anyone. While doing this, I can make anyone feel special about themselves. Like you, I believe everyone has something awesome to offer and I often point out to them what that is. Many times they don’t recognize it as special.

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