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The Two Simple Rules of a Great Life Most People Get Wrong

Success is Just Focused Action


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Linda Buquet has made a very elegant and timely post over at 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums about learning to Focus in your affiliate marketing efforts. This is something that is amazingly hard to do in life – whether we are talking about affiliate marketing or about driving a car down the street. But it is also absolutely AMAZING what someone can accomplish when they do focus.

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Since ¬†1998 I have been on my own in business. I left a job that paid very well to become an independent consultant. All of the joys and luxuries (and hardships and taxes) that come along with owning your own business were suddenly thrust upon my naive shoulders. Among all of the other things I had to work on there was the task of coming up with a company name. ATBS Consulting was the name that popped into my head (or my wife’s head) one evening back in 1998. It stands for “All things big and small”. Hey what can I say – I thought it was catchy and it met with the approval of my better 1/2 so it was good enough for me.

Then about 2 years ago I decided that I wanted my business and my efforts to have meaning. I did not want to be just like every other consultant out there. I wanted to bring a message to my clients that my company was going to be able to help them solve the biggest problem they had at the time. We were not going to try and tackle all of the demons that a company had when we started working with them ; we were going to tackle them one at a time. And the one we were tackling would get my complete and undivided attention. My friends and family were brainstorming in the car coming North back into Oklahoma City from a road trip¬† and it hit us (it might have been on the side of a truck): Focus Consulting Inc. For some reason it immediately felt right. By presenting that name and a short tag line to any company I would be able to instantly tell them what my “value add” was above my competitors.

Today I still strongly believe that FOCUS & ACTION will get you anywhere you want to go. That is why I renamed my company, and that is why I started this website. Together you and I are going to go on a journey of focused action and accomplish great things. I hope you enjoy the ride.



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