August 3, 2020

SDN EP: 98 – Interview with Geoff Ronning – Stealth Seminar

“Marketing is not this kind of occasional thing that you work on.” 
- Patrick Allmond (28:30-28:35)

Stealth Seminar is the longest-running automated webinar in existence that autopilots your efforts and lets you run pre-recorded webinars as if they are live to better leverage time, avoid tech failures, and remove presentation nerves. In this week’s show, you’ll meet Geoff Ronning, the CEO of this AMAZING must-have tool.

Part One of ‘Interview with Geoff Ronning - Stealth Seminar’

Geoff Ronning resides in Litchfield Park, Arizona. His business focuses on automating webinars, generating leads & sales, building authority, and optimizing results. Geoff has helped thousands of clients successfully automate their webinars, and the numbers keep growing daily!

Geoff Ronning is also into boxing, sanctioned by the USA Boxing Association, which is the same sanctioning body that sends people to the Olympics. They have divisions for older guys like him. He was such a big fan of boxing during his teenage years, but he got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His doctor told him, “You have to start working out.” So, that was the time he tried boxing and loved it.

“You can market without having the coolest, highest tech and shiniest object in the room.” - Patrick Allmond (29:12-29:19)

You can't argue with a company that uses a product that generates millions of dollars a month. So, it's worth mentioning that I've been in the digital marketing industry for many years, I see a lot of products come and go, but Stealth has always been there.

Part Two of ‘Interview with Geoff Ronning - Stealth Seminar’

Before creating a webinar software, Geoff performed all over the United States and became an instructor of hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Now, he doesn’t need to hire someone to do the automation for him because he created a software himself that works across an array of niches. Thus, it also brought about all the other things like Netflix, which used to be challenging to do back in the 90s.

“We can all agree that McDonald's does not have the best burgers. But their killer marketing makes them different from the other popular brands.” -  Patrick Allmond (29:40-29:51)

Geoff shares one of the biggest lessons he learned during his 20s — make sure that you’re always marketing. It should be a non-stop activity. He says that running a business isn’t supposed to be a complicated thing to do. You only need to identify your target clients and give them what they want. I just wanted people to know more about his great tool because it’s helping many businesses out there to increase sales conversions! 

You can check out the main features of
StealthSeminar through this link:

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