SDN EP: 90 – 2020 Business Non-Resolutions

“Make yourself more visible to the marketplace.” - Patrick Allmond (06:27-06:31)

For every business leader out there, it takes screwing up a lot of times before confidently accelerating and figuring out what tactics work for you. This week's episode will allow you to come up with long-term vision plans for your business.

Part One of ‘2020 Business Non-resolutions’

One of the best ways you can sell is for people to know that you exist. Maximizing visibility has always been a big challenge in business. We're challenged by things like technology, location, and competition around us. Make sure your message gets spread out there through different mediums like YouTube, Podcast, and on social media channels.

“Charge what you’re worth.” - Patrick Allmond (16:43-16:47)

Be okay with more self-promotion. If you're sharing something that may not be other people's cup of tea, you've got nothing to worry about as long your goal is to make a positive impact. Also, you must build a better funnel so you can find the best customers. And that makes your self-promotion even more worthwhile.

Part Two of ‘2020 Business Non-resolutions’

When it comes to finding the best clients out there, some people will tell you what you're offering is ridiculous for the price that you're offering. You must filter out those people by either sending them to an automated offering or let them know that it requires high investment to work with you.

“Keep developing new products and services.” - Patrick Allmond (23:22-23:40)
 Lastly, create more products, more mid-level and high-level coaching and consulting offers to help make your life better and make your business easier. If you're not a fan of New Year's resolutions, take the time to revisit your business strategies to have a year better than the previous ones.

About Patrick Allmond:

Patrick Allmond is a multi-decade entrepreneur, veteran, pilot, and ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX Contributor. He is also the founder of Focus Digital Marketing Agency and the StopDoingNothing movement.

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