SDN EP: 80 – Thankful


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“There are many things that you can be grateful for.” - Patrick Allmond (05:45-05:47)

It is time to step back a little bit from the hype with the ongoing pandemic. If you have specific skills and talents to share with other people, that's already a huge blessing! Are you thankful for the small things in life, like having a family and good health? In this week's episode, Patrick Allmond talks about gratitude.

Part One of ‘Thankful’

If you're alive today, it's an opportunity for you to be thankful. If your business is somehow going halfway decent despite the coronavirus outbreak, be grateful. The year 2020 may have started a little bit awful, but we must all believe it's going to end awesome!

“Take the time to reset yourself and don't get too ingrained in the privileges that you have in life.” - Patrick Allmond (13:52-14:01)

Many homeless people are struggling, especially in freezing temperatures, while you still have the privilege to buy an expensive coffee and eat multiple times a day. Take this moment to reflect and realize that you have the fundamentals you need in this world and how lucky you are to have things above and beyond the very basics.

Part Two of ‘Thankful’

We have to be thankful for everything, despite the disasters and tragedies in life, as much as they suck. Be the kind of person that doesn't get too ingrained in the privileges that you have. Do yourself a favor by taking the time to reset and appreciate the basics.

“Always be kind to people no matter what their job is.”
- Patrick Allmond (19:32-19:44)

Your level of gratitude also affects how you treat other people. If you're shopping or eating somewhere, please treat people in the retail and food business with respect. Please do your best to be thankful for their contribution. Don't look down on them.

 Their industry has one of the lowest-paying rates. Their duties are highly demanding. They work long hours at an ungodly rate. You have no idea what they're going through. Be thankful for the fact that they're bringing you hot food, hot beverages, or any services that bring you convenience.

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