February 28, 2022

SDN EP 122: Five Good Things To Come Out of the Pandemic

What silver linings came out of the COVID-19 pandemic for you? In the past two years, we've dealt with so many negative things, yet as we choose to see the positive aspects, we realize that there's good to be found in a bad situation. Tune in to learn more ? watch the full episode of Stop Doing NothingFive Good Things To Come Out of the Pandemic with Patrick Allmond. 

What You Will Discover:

#1: We became more independent and learned some new skills.

Many people drive to and from work every day, almost living on the highway. The global crisis has given us a liberation of sorts — that there's a way we can make money that is not dependent on our physical location. Learning a new skill or starting a side business doing the things that we love also taught us how it's not really required to spend the 9 to 5 in a cubicle or a conference room.

#2: We became better at technology. People like my mom and the others who consider themselves "technophobes" suddenly had to take advantage of their devices. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Dell and Microsoft have been making technology better and better for us over the years to make our lives easier, and they drop in cool features, which we use sometimes. But all of a sudden, we had to use those features more. So my mom had to learn how to buy our groceries and make video calls. We were forced to learn to do things that were just optional before.

#3 Companies, governmental organizations and service providers got better at delivering solutions. Those that dabble in the world of online ordering and product delivery had to get good, really fast, and everything you needed was delivered to your doorstep every single day. What used to be just a convenient option became necessities.

#4 People became a little bit nicer and more understanding towards each other. We're all going through some stressful things, and as people were able to take a deep breath, everyone has had a sense that if it's just hard for me, it's as difficult for everyone else.

#5 Technology-savvy people become rock stars. At the beginning of 2020, I dumped a good chunk of money to make a decent home studio. (I know you may have done so, too!) I noticed that many asked about the skills I have. I would be on Zoom calls with other entrepreneurs, professional speakers and other people working from home, and I would get asked a lot of times: 

  • How do I have good looking Zoom calls?
  • How do I share documents?
  • How do I collaborate on spreadsheets and word documents remotely?
  • How do I share my screen so I can do remote training?
  • How can I stand up and wear a microphone to teach the group of 50 people from my home office?

Suddenly there was a lot of demand for people like me who were really good at technology.
Since 2020 it has become our time to shine. Suddenly, we became educators of technology and showed people how they could do things online.

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