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SDN EP 121: How To Survive The Pandemic Blues


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As the end of the pandemic becomes more uncertain, that doesn’t mean normal life has to stop. A mindset shift and a little bit of self-care can go a long way to lessen its negative impact on your life.

Tune in to learn more ? watch the full episode of Stop Doing NothingHow to Survive the Pandemic Blues with Patrick Allmond.

What You Will Discover:

?? Are you constantly worrying about the pandemic? Remember: major life events don’t have a definitive endpoint. Taking responsibility by practicing social spacing and getting vaccinated is the first step to positively accepting the new normal.

?? Pay attention to what is happening. We often overthink and assume everything will turn into a disaster, but once we observe and allow it to happen to us, we realize it isn’t that big of a deal. Don’t forget that we’re living in the most convenient time in our world’s history.

?? Safely return to a level of normalcy in your life as soon as possible. Whether it’s getting a coffee or going for a run, there is a way to continue doing the things you love while protecting yourself. Wear a mask and ease back into your social and outdoor habits.

?? Now is the best time to start a side hustle. Or a career change. Working from home has afforded us more free time and flexibility. If you’re bored or want something different, become an entrepreneur.

?? If working remotely is working best for you, talk to your boss. Find a position wherein you can make money using your brain. Think of how you can contribute to your company with your ideas and thoughts.

??Get through by spending more time with family. In these difficult times, you either stay afraid or come out with stronger, better relationships. Getting sick seems inevitable, but your loved ones need you now more than ever.

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