January 11, 2022

SDN EP 115: Feeling Stuck In Life? Why Every Leader Has Been In Your Shoes

Are you stuck ? bored ? and have nothing to do?

These are some of the worst things in life that can possibly hit you and turn into a perpetual downhill spiral that will suck you up.

In this episode, glean ideas and tips to recognize when you're in this situation and how to get out of a rut, master your mind and become the person you want to be.

What You Will Discover:

?? Why boredom can be a result of a lack of purpose or aim in life. Almost often, purpose is not taught in school. This is something you discover on your own as you live a couple of decades on this planet.

?? Pick one problem and dedicate your life and your time to solving it. Then, obsess on finding solutions that will make somebody's life better. Doing so will keep you motivated and push you forward to work on a mission bigger than you are.

?? Get out of your regular environment to spur some creativity. So if every single day you are staying in the same place, decide to go somewhere. You don't need a big budget to fly across the country, but you can drive twenty minutes across your city and find a coffee shop there. Just change your environment up, and your mental environment also changes.

?? Start planning on your giant, hairy dreams. Life can only progress or regress. A leader with ambitions will never allow life to run on autopilot. So don't sit in the boat of life and let the ocean push you around.

?? Decide what you want your legacy to look like. Then, think of the years down the line after you die; what do you want people to remember you for? What do you want people to say at the podium when you pass away? Ponder on this, and you will be directed in your every step and action.

?? Aspire to teach. What we learn and improve upon, we have an obligation to pass that on to future generations. So dig deeper, and you'll realize pretty fast that you have a lot of knowledge in your brain. Teach the younger generation to use your voice for good.

?? Better your best. Getting outside of your comfort zone physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally pushes you to adapt and get better. You wouldn't have time to be bored and stuck. Instead, aspire for bigger and better things in life.

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