April 26, 2021

SDN EP: 113 – Swagger – How To Become Everything You Want With Leslie Ehm

Waiting for a thousand dollars to drop into your lap while lying in bed? Without a doubt, everyone would want that fantasy to turn into reality, but obviously, it's not going to happen if you don't work it out.  HOW? -- that the question.

You don't come into this world knowing what there is to know about achieving your goals. Many people don't have any idea what they want in life.  So, how can you "manifest" or bring good fortune and opportunities into your life? The nearest parking spot, the closing contract, the ideal spouse, etc. 

Successful individuals have developed a method for noticing and using conditions and resources to accomplish their goals faster, and that is to be a SWAGGER -- not the typical one, though.

Save the date, mark it on your calendars and never miss this life-changing episode of Stop Doing Nothing. We’ll touch base on How To Become Everything You Want, and we have no other than SWAGGER coach, author, and speaker, Leslie Ehm.

Key takeaways in this episode:

?? Swagger is manifesting who you are and holding on to it in the face of all the psychological crap, regardless of the situation or environment. As you build your swagger, people recognize that you are unshakable, unmovable in your sense of self.

?? Recognize that there's no one prescribed way of manifesting a swagger. There's no one way of showing up like anybody's swagger—what matters is it's real.

?? The key is not about glossy perfection in any way, shape, or form. It's being a perfectly imperfect, flawed human badass.

?? Understand that self-belief is way different than confidence. It's the difference between success and failure. The self-belief that doesn't rely on confidence is like jumping off the cliff, you take these risks and learn all this new stuff, but you're not going to die.

?? Live by the paradigm that we don't pick up other people's baggage at the airport, why do we pick it up in life? Stop looking for all of your validation to come from other people.

?? Remember that you only have one face. You don't show up as a different person in different situations or environments. Once you accept that that's self-acceptance, then you're not so busy trying to cover it up.

About Leslie Ehm:

Leslie Ehm is a Swagger Coach, training guru, speaker, and author who's helped thousands of professionals discover and unleash their unique brand of swagger - and finds success just by being who they really are.

Leslie's been called "better than therapy," "a rock star," "ass-kicking," "a force of nature" and even "a witch" —and she's there for ALL of it.

Connect with Leslie ...

Website: https://www.leslieehm.com/
Email: Leslie@LeslieEhm.com

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Website: https://philgerbyshak.com/about/
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