November 30, 2020

SDN EP: 109 – Energized Client Culture with Cara Bell

On the Stop Doing Nothing podcast, you will discover how to get results in business and life. This is a podcast aimed for high-achievers who possess a rare burning desire to see above the fog of life, create a better world for themselves and those around them. In this episode, you’ll discover the secrets to an energized client culture with Cara Bell, Founder and CEO of The Incredibly Attractive Marketing Co.  

Many business owners are in a state of frustration right now. Moreover, the new normal is a learning process for everybody to get good at business, marketing, and at staying in the game. What can give you an edge over other entrepreneurs out there during this challenging time? Your level of tenacity will determine the outcome you can produce. So, make sure you grab a pen and paper because you don’t want to miss the crucial points this powerful episode has to offer! 

Key areas we covered in this episode: 

  • How most businesses have pivoted when it comes to marketing ever since the lockdown started.
  • The disadvantage of focusing too much on the sales and closing the deal rather than the value proposition. 
  • The genuine marketing advice you need during this time, whether you’re an aspiring or a successful entrepreneur who wants to grow your business. 
  • Know the importance of feedback. You're asking for feedback on your performance and their expectations. 
  • How to instill a belief that people need your services according to the value you bring to the table. 
  • The truth behind marketing professionals using pain, shame, and judgment as part of their tactics. 

The businesses that can pivot pretty fast are the ones that are going to survive in the new normal. Feel free to share it so more people can understand how an energized client culture works!

Interested in working with Cara Bell? She loves helping group businesses who make their clients feel like they belong, that they are getting what they were sold, and have a clear plan of action in place. Attract more qualified clients on social with EASE — without forcing sales — by doing what comes most natural to you: teaching.

Use your Natural Teaching Energy to transform the way your prospects think and make them eager to invest with you. Reach out to her on LinkedIn HERE.

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