I am an American, a minority, and a veteran. One of the many lessons I’ve learned is that you don’t get rights and freedoms by demanding them and saying that you have owed them. You get them by earning them. You get them by being a responsible citizen and contributing to the betterment of the people around you. You get them by being tolerant of people that look different, pray different, and think differently than you. I love the flag as much as anybody. But it comes with a ton of responsibility.

America is not defined by the flag, who is in office, or who represents us. It’s defined by how we treat each other. On this day we call it being American. Call it whatever you will. Let’s be nicer and more understanding of each other. You don’t have to like me. All I ask is that you respect me. You do that for me. I’ll do it for you. And we’ll get along just fine.